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Manual for growing bacterial leather (kombucha) ( 2 ) (21)

I thought I’d write a simple guide about growing leather using kombucha scoby’s. First off, it’s called many different things (some people don’t like the name “leather” because it should only refer to animal hides) but I…

Growing materials at home: Hard Mycelium Materials Manual ( 2 ) (27)

We wrote this manual to share our knowledge on mushroom materials and it is based on our experience and own experiments. We hope you build on this knowledge and share it as well. The manual is to be used under a Creative…

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ALGAE: - Designs and designers: Dutch designers convert algae into bioplastic for 3D printing:…

Some tricks to handle contaminations (11)

What you can do in the space: Wet everything to force germination because it has a high resilience when it is dried (you even have spores that are resistant to radiation). Do that for 4 hours (approximately, depending …

Literature about mycelium materials (5)

Continuing the discussion from Mechanical properties of mycobricks (questions…): More people have asked me about this, so here is an export of my library concerning the mechanical properties of mycelium materials. Those…

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