3D printing materials

Hello, I am new here. Thank you for this forum.
I want to create materials from organic waste and other waste for 3D printing. Do some of you work with 3D printing? Do you have some basic experiences / recipes to advise me ??
I use linseed oil, do you know if it can be toxic when heated?
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Welcome @Cloclo ! Are those your own experiments? What are we looking at? :slight_smile:

Maybe you could check out these people who have been experimenting with it:
@TomV tried some 3D printing using bacterial cellulose with interesting results: 3D-manufacturing with biomaterials

@Ichelle did a project on using a KUKA robot to print mycelium composites: Robotic fabrication (KUKA Robot) of mycelium composites

Thanks for your answer.
yes I did it, i am trying with all kind of waste like paper, coffee, and orange peelings, other organic waste.

Cool! What would you say is your best recipe up to now?

We recently did a workshop in Brussels testing some recipes with @Elise . She’s in holiday now, but maybe we could put together something to share later :slight_smile:

For the moment, i don’t know. Yes it could be very nice to share recipes.
Yesterday i try with artichoke and artichoke hay. It is not working very well, :-), it is falling too quickly.


Hello Winnie,
And you with Elise wich kind of recipe are you testing?

Linseed oil has multiple unsaturated fats, and when heated will go rancid sooner than saturated fats. AFAIK only an issue if you plan on eating the material.

I didn’t write them down. @Elise, do you mind sharing?

In fact, @Ichelle was involved in preparing the mixtures for the workshop, so I imagine it’s a similar recipe to the one she used (see her thread that I linked before)

Thank you! i will see that, i don’t plan to produce eating material.