3D printing materials


Hello, I am new here. Thank you for this forum.
I want to create materials from organic waste and other waste for 3D printing. Do some of you work with 3D printing? Do you have some basic experiences / recipes to advise me ??
I use linseed oil, do you know if it can be toxic when heated?
Thank you,



Welcome @Cloclo ! Are those your own experiments? What are we looking at? :slight_smile:

Maybe you could check out these people who have been experimenting with it:
@TomV tried some 3D printing using bacterial cellulose with interesting results: 3D-manufacturing with biomaterials

@Ichelle did a project on using a KUKA robot to print mycelium composites: Robotic fabrication (KUKA Robot) of mycelium composites


Thanks for your answer.
yes I did it, i am trying with all kind of waste like paper, coffee, and orange peelings, other organic waste.


Cool! What would you say is your best recipe up to now?

We recently did a workshop in Brussels testing some recipes with @Elise . She’s in holiday now, but maybe we could put together something to share later :slight_smile:


For the moment, i don’t know. Yes it could be very nice to share recipes.
Yesterday i try with artichoke and artichoke hay. It is not working very well, :-), it is falling too quickly.


Hello Winnie,
And you with Elise wich kind of recipe are you testing?