3D printing with Mycelium / Algae


I was wondering if some of you have tried to print with biomaterials.

Eric Klarenbeek is a good example that really inspires me.

He prints with Algea and with Mycelium.

  • For Mycelium printing he uses FDM biomaterial as filament and then, layer by layer fills the structure with Mycelium.

  • The algea he uses to make the filament itself.

Altho his experiments are super interesting, there is not that much information to find on how he does it. Take the Mycelium printing for example, how does he get to the paste to fill the printed structure with Mycelium? Also with the Algae, how do they make the filament?

Anyone experimenting with these techniques?



There are a few people working on 3D printing on this forum, maybe you can ask for advice and specific questions to them:
@Ichelle: Robotic fabrication (KUKA Robot) of mycelium composites
@TomV: 3D-manufacturing with biomaterials

Ichelle here project is super interresting! thanks for the reply

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I was wondering about 1 thing more, maybe it’s a silly question but I can’t seem to find a direct answer; why is the LC grown on grains?

Just figured out the answer to my previous question.

Did anyone perhaps allready did some research on different types of substrates of grain production?

Hello! I have the same questions, I don’t how Eric Klarenbeek does 3D printing with mycelium, how he inoculates the structure and how he creates the paste for 3D printing.

Have you discovered anything new?

It would be really helpful, I’m currently investigating mycelium products for a university project.