A little hello! - as suggested :)

My name is Annie, Im 29 and in my last year of a Design and Craft Degree in the UK.
Im currently in an early research phase of developing my practice with the starting point of exploring our relationship with nature and ways that we can utilize it within the process of design, I would like to explore how digital methods may also be sympathetic to this topic despite their initial conflict.

I intend to look at both the subtraction and build up/growth of material and attempt at facilitating these as a process within my own practice. I intend to make 3 objects that allow me to explore these relationships such as a table, a vessel and a lamp.

currently i am exploring mycelium as a medium. I am in the process of creating some moulds/formers for this using 3D printing and vacume forming. I have just received some bags of sawdust spore which I am very excited about :slight_smile:

I would be interested to hear of any other forms of “growth” that could be explored? as well as any references to designers/groups that could been seen as directly “collaborating with nature” that people find interesting or that particularly stand out? :slight_smile:

I will probably be posting lots of questions once my mycelium growing is fully on the go!