A social mushroom burger

Hello everyone,

I’m a social design master student at Design Academy Eindhoven. Within my school research I ended up looking at the hamburger as a pivotal capitalist device, and I am now trying, for my graduation, to design a “resilient burger” from the social, productive and economic perspective.

This brought me towards the wish to start a shared portobello mushrooms cultivation (it will serve as the patty). Nothing particularly exotic in the bio research field, but what is interesting to me is how to establish a peer-to-peer production and distribution model.

I started some home tests cloning agaricus bisporus butts with hay and coffee grounds, which will now take a few weeks to show (if) any results. In the meantime though, I would love to start a small production facility (i have a few space opportunities here in Eindje).

Which brings me to the reason of my post: is there any commoning + edible mushrooms enthusiast out here who would be down for doing this together? I would also just be very grateful for any tips on where could I go to learn and set up en edible mushroom operation. I respect this science and understand the hazards involved in food production so I feel I really need some guidance.

Thank you for reading, and warm regards to this nice community!
Francesca Tambussi