Algae - air project

Hello everyone

I’m a masterstudent in Productdesign from Belgium and I’m starting a project with algae to make some sort of ‘natural air purifier’. Since I’m a designstudent and don’t have a background in science, I’m looking for people who have a little bit of time and the knowledge to answer some of my questions involving algae (like which ones to use, what conditions do they need to survive,…). It would be great to find someone with a passion for algae to work on this project together!

Thank you so much in advance!

Kind regards
Nina Van Herck.

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that is a cool idea, I don’t know the best way about forcing air into water,
maybe using like a air filter with the traditional pleats for gaining surface area, but instead keep them hydrated and grow algae in them, so that way when the air is pulled through, the algae can filter it.

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Hello Nina, Feel free to contact me. I’m with ReaGent, the diybiolab in Gent. We’ll do our best to find you sombody with expertise with algae to talk to and if you need it, space in the lab to work on your test cases.

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Hello Angela, thanks for your reply!
I have tried to email to the adress that you mentioned but it seems that it is not active.
Is there another email I can contact you by?