Aloha from Hawaii

I am a concept based artist from Oahu. My recent projects involve creating sustainable systems that generate artistic commodities. I am currently developing work with fungi :

“Sawdust from invasive trees was inoculated with mycelia from a local strain of Trametes fungi. The work was then grown out, fusing the sawdust canvas together. Finally, the mushrooms were allowed to form on the surface, independently defining the composition. 32”x32” (2018)"

Soon I will be releasing a series of these works with some really spectacular tropical polypores I’ve been collecting. I am experimenting with preservation techniques and hope to find an organic alternative for preservation.

Woaw :smile: Your work is beautiful !!!

I’m unable to open your website though…

Hi Chris,

Nice work!

I have also thought about the artistic possibilities of mushrooms…What appeals to me in action painting is that it captures the movement of creating the painting. I was wondering how you could capture an underlying logic by growing mushroom paintings, making it richer…

A lot of conceptual art doesn’t appeal to me, but there are definitely exceptions… I am thinking of an artist who cut out the final “full stop” of a couple of books and then glued them on paper sheets as a work of art, thus creating open endings for all those books…

I am also thinking about an artist who breaks the same pretty large vase every exhibiton by dropping it on the floor and then glues it back together. The vase thus evolves and ages (wrinkles?) and bears the marks of everywhere it has been… I like simple, yet rich ideas, really connected to the part of the work that is tangible, for everyone to see.

“A line is a dot that went for a walk…”

Hey @chrisritson, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

As a bioengineer I’m often amazed at how good non-experts seem to be at working with biological material as autodidacts. I probably wouldn’t be able to do it nearly as well, even with formal training haha. How did you come to work with mushrooms?

I’m also very curious to see your website, but it doesn’t load for me either.

would spraying a bio resin or bee wax work, or do you think it would affect the mushroom painting too much?