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Hi everyone,

I’m a grad student at Maryland Institute College of Art getting my MFA in Studio Art. I’ve taken an interest in ethics in the art practice and lifestyle in general. I live in a recycled school bus converted to home that is powered by solar energy. Secondly, I am really interested in using sustainable materials such as these but am feeling a bit stuck since sooo so much has already been invented with bacterial cellulose/SCOBYs and mycelium. I’m wondering what other things everyone else has tried growing? I’m also growing some yeast cells, but am really looking to move beyond aesthetical gestures and move toward ecological based artworks that both meet a conceptual goal and give back to the earth. What are your thoughts on concepts related to this or thoughts in general!!?

Thank you!


Hey! I am also an artist and actually grew up in Baltimore but I am now living in LA. In my practice, I use a lot of resin and have been exploring biomaterials to find a replacement. I have yet to find a material that is suitable to use as a durable replacement for PVA glue, resin, or for casting, but the process has made me think more about all of the traditional materials we use for sculpting and what is actually in them.

Have you thought about growing plants out of substrate? Check out Mamoun Nukumanu’s work ( he has been growing grass as wearables. Growing plants absorb carbon dioxide and can function as a surface and living air filters. You might also be interested in growing algae. If you ever want to meet up and talk about growing materials or things like that let me know! I’ll be in Baltimore at the end of the month.

I’ll post more things to look at if I can think of them!


Welcome @art ! Nowadays I’m mainly growing food at home - eg. kimchi and kefir. Not materials, but hey, food has a big impact too :wink:

You’ll find a fellow bus reconverter in @matthias, by the way! You’ll find some stories about that on the Edgeryders side of this platform.