Bacterial cellulose in headphones


I just saw this pass by on Twitter. Sony apparently filed a patent for using bacterial cellulose in headphones back in the early nineties.

Related paper:

(via Christina Agapakis)


And there is an ongoing research to make an electronic paper our of bacterial cellulose. This is one is highly interesting. I saw the photo of the acoustic membrane in hi-fidelity loudspeakers, some where. I might have saved it. I did not manage to learn more from Sony’s site. I remember having read that they stopped using it because it was not cost effective for something of the sort.


Nice! Do you know the source of that photo @amiridina? It looks like a proof-of-concept and I’m interested to know who made it :slight_smile:


I could not find it. I will share it as soon as I have sometime to search more deeply. Meanwhile, I found this article and the photo of the same headphones set when I googled bacterial cellulose + sony + high-fidelity headphones.


Check out She artist / biochemistry researcher in Tokyo. You will find a similar “bio-speaker” as the one in the photo above.