BC - creating seams between cellulose sheets


Hello everyone!

(small re-intro of what I’m doing: I’m an architectural engineering student at VUB researching bacterial cellulose’s mechanical properties in an architectural context for my master thesis under @Elise’s supervision .)

Here was my first post (Nov. '18)

I unfortunately didn’t add any of my continuation on the forum up until now, but I’m repicking up the line! I just posted an overview of post-processing of BC that I’m carrying out at the moment (March '19)

In this post I just wanted to share an interesting test series I carried out in december on the subject of SEAMS between BC sheets. Elise had told me about the possibility of BC sheet that could grow together, and I had decided to try this with small samples. I didn’t find anything about this online (neither DIY or academic) so I made a comparison between wet and dry states, and sterile and non-sterile states, check the screenshots to read immediately or google drive link to the pdf of my WIP thesis to read more :slight_smile:

here is the drive link. I’ll try to update it once in a while with my progression. The seam tests are at page 13 to 16.



if interested, dont hesitate to check my other posts on Bacterial cellulose.

thank you for reading me!

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Master Thesis by Bastien Damsin, Under supervision of Elise Elsacker, Prof. Lars De Laet and Prof. Eveline Peeters / Vrije Universiteit Brussel / Department of Architectural Engineering and Bioengineering Sciences.

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Bacterial cellulose in architecture - culture comparison, composites, contamination
BC post-processing mechanical comparison protocols