Biodegradable alternatives to plastic packets?


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I’m looking into mushroom plastics and cannot believe that there are no small plastic alternatives to single use packaging!!

I’ve seen all the Facebook posts and media hype, but there is literally nothing available for replacing industry use of small plastic packaging (see image attached).
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If anyone knows about distributors or companies out there working on biodegradable or “cleaner” alternatives to these packets, please let me know. The packets, of course, have to be able to hold liquids, retain moisture etc…

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And more… Finding an alternative to fossil fuel based plastic is part of the solution. We should also innovate in the way we produce and consume goods.


There’s such an explosion of new plastics initiatives these days! Has anyone here ever participated in those prizes?

Edible packaging makes me think of what @Littlepinkmaker is doing with her experiments. I had the pleasure to taste some of her work a few weeks ago :slight_smile:


Thank you for the info peeps :slight_smile:
However, in terms of a company distributing small liquid consumables (such as the small Heinz ketchup packages above), there really is no biodegradable alternative commercially available…
We really are ethically challenged at the moment as we don’t want to use plastic, but unfortunately, there are no other options at the moment.
We are actively looking for green alternatives and would be willing to sacrifice profit margin for biodegradability.


There are degradable water bottles. Just search the web you will find interesting packaging innovations and alternatives to plastic.



You can look into these if the form factor of “packets” isn’t the biggest concern.

Made with sodium alginate in a lactate bath. This procedure is also used in molecular cooking and is called “spherification”.

I have no clue on impact resistance or lifetime of these sphere’s but worth trying?

Maybe develop a mycelium transport packaging for insulation & protection if this works?