Biofab bootcamp - bioplastic experiments


On saturday me and my fellow biofab bootcampers had the pleasure of following a workshop on biohacking, given by @Littlepinkmaker (thanks again, it was really inspiring!). One the most interesting things we did was playing around with bioplastics: A basic recipe of glycerine and agar agar, and additives like coffee grounds, clay, banana peels or orange peels.

Since we all made different bioplastic experiments, I thought it might be a good idea to create a topic where we can share our different recipes and how they turned out!



Awesome Ness!!! - how do the others turn out that you took home Faye! Can you explain the properties :slight_smile: - Nel


They’re still drying, especially the grey one on the picture (which is the one with sodium algenate and calcium carbonate if I remember correctly) is still very sticky. I love the color of the coffee one (the black one). And the banana one is becoming very leathery, which is cool. :slight_smile:


Fantastic pictures Fay


We all took notes during the workshop, but would it be possible to publish the full receipe ?
It could be our reference for trying by ourselves in our own kitchens :wink:


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Awesome sorry for delay replying - yes the grey one will be a little sticky for a few days but will slowly dry out! Would be awesome to have some pictures of them drying too as again I love to follow the process.

With regards to publishing material recipes - if you could all kindly hold off until mid April I’d be ever so grateful as I’m working on the full 10 recipe collection with science data and then want to post them as MaterialeX once done! - Nel


Also the 001486 was taught at another event and this was her outcome! - so I think it’s safe to say it’s a good base :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! Very nice samples :slight_smile:

I’m testing with some different recipes (BTW can I find the ones you’ve used somewhere? It seems I cannot find the right thread). For now, textures are very nice + shrinkage is quite manageable, but… do also yours sample start molding after only two days?

I’d like to use such samples for very short-time applications, but this is even shorter than what I’ve imagined!


Hello, I am new here.
Thank you for this forum.
I want to work with new materials, bio plastics for 3D printing. Do some of you work with 3D printing? Do you have some basic experiences / recipes to advise me ??
Thank you


Hey @Cloclo our resident 3D-printing expert @Elise is on holiday right now I think.

In my own limited experience with 3D printing, I’ve come across this filament that I tried using:

We didn’t get it to work, as it was quite brittle, but I’m still excited to keep trying and maybe see some crazy grown structures at some point :slight_smile: