Hello everyone,

I’m a student in industrial design at UGent and for my masterthesis I’m currently working on bioluminescent materials. My goal to find a use for these in a product related environment to function as illumination, signalisation,…
As for now I have been growing 2 types of mycelium: Panellus Stipticus and Armillaria Mellea with P. Stipticus having the best results regarding luminescence.
I’m also planning to work with Omphalotus Nidiformis fungus and bioluminescent Dinoflagellates.

The following picture has been taken about one year after implementing spawn (P. Stipticus) on a log and is the brightest sample i have right now.

Lights on

Lights off

More of my pictures can be found at:

If you have any remarks or ideas, feel free to let me now.
I will try to keep this forum updated with my progress.

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Interesting work , so only the fruiting body glows and it takes a full year to get to that point? how long does it stay can you “lock it” in that state or are we goign to see more of a changing pattern thru time?

Keep the good work


The fruiting bodies and the mycelium both produce visible light and usually takes a few weeks before becoming visible. The experiment in the picture above stayed constantly producing light for about 14 months before dying. The light level actually increases during growth and then stay more or less consistant untill it dies and stops producing light.