Biomaterials and Ai


How can artificial intelligence help people and planet this earth day? We thought it fitting to celebrate Earth Day by harnessing Biomaterials, Ai and people.
With your help, we have the aim of creating exciting new open source biomaterials, which could save lives, relieve suffering and help maintain quality-of-life for all.

Our neural network is primed. I’m excited to be working with @derekahmedzai who was the developer behind a number of AI world firsts.
Now we need to get access to as many databases of biomaterial recipes and material resources as possible to feed into the neural network. In order to get artificial intelligence to effectively create new interpretations, we need as much materials data as possible. If you have any open source resources or recipes that you are willing to share please get in touch.

Please share and get involved we need your input.
If materials define an age let’s ensure our generation leaves a legacy that is not defined by plastic pollution but a new bio future that will #donoharm



That’s a pretty amazing and ambitious undertaking @Tnt1 ! Where did the idea come from?


Hi Winnie, thanks for the positive feedback! I’ve been working with Biomaterials and using open source recipes to make bioplastics, leathers and other materials as well as looking at local resources and making materials from coffee granules, oyster shells, mussel, egg etc after exhausting open source stuff i started my own variations…

I had the idea of using AI to see what would happen if we feed all existing knowledge into the neural networks. What would the bots create?! I have now joined up with a developer and we are exploring the idea. We have tried cupcake recipes (a world first cupcake recipe generated by ai and AI generated poetry and had some very interesting outcomes!) So now we trying bio recipes.

We need as much material and material recipe data to feed the neural network as we can get… Any help appreciated!

Best wishes