BioMaterials Recipe Libraries?


Hi all,

Can anyone supply a list or any biomaterial recipes that they are aware of?

I am exploring all the various biomaterials I can make at the moment.
I have exhausted the amazing resources at and
searching for any other biomaterial recipes.

I think it will be a good idea to have a database of all known biomaterial recipes.
So if anyone knows of other resources please be so kind as to let me know any links?

Best wishes


There’s also Materia Brasil, they have a database on their website:
Shame it’s in Portuguese though.

On the Biofab Forum here there is plenty of information that should be documented under a more structured form in a database somewhere. The main goal here really is to enable people to talk, ask questions, collaborate etc. Any ideas of how we could extract that knowledge, @Tnt1 ? :slight_smile: