Building New Lab for Mycelium Growing



My name is Mehmet and i’m academician in Turkey. I’m an architect. My While researching subject for my PhD thesis, i found some Mycelium based architecture. I have been researching and studying about this subject for 6-7 months but now i need to grow my own Mycelium and i have no knowledge about lab materials. My question is, Which materials and tools do i need for growing and forming Mycellium. And where can i buy?

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Mehmet Çerkezoğlu


Hi @mehmetcerkez ! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Roughly what you need for a basic mycelium lab is:

And then some other smaller things, but this is the bulk of what you need I think. Are you planning to start a lab in your architecture department? :open_mouth:


Hello again,

My PhD thesis’ main subject is “How biodegradable mycelium based materials works in architecture instead of traditional building materials”. I am investigating the relationship of this material with physical environment controls when used in architectural areas. I have ideas and thoughts about the properties of the material such as acoustics, airing and fire risk reduction. Since the usage of architects in the field is the second or third stage of the process, I want to gather a team and learn both the properties of the material and the experiments for different areas. My aim is to build a team with support of the school and the state and to produce new ideas both in theory and in practice in line with the materials uncovered. Any help you can make to me and the team that we are going to set up is welcome, and if you want to give professional advice to us, we can discuss details via mail.


Mehmet Çerkezoğlu

Enes Yücel