[CFEL] Maritime Mycelium - Pearls of Sabah

Does anyone here know anyone who is passionate or an expert in Maritime Mycelium for building a floating island? I’m designing floating schools for stateless children in Sabah, Malaysia, and for the schools, I would like to also offer bio-fabrication and sustainability curriculum (passive solar water sanitation, CO2 scrubber, solar power, biofuels, …)

Please contact me here: http://bit.ly/cfel_overview

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It is a good thought experiment, but not exactly realistic. The amount of substrate required would undermine any notion of sustainability as tons of living material would have to be destroyed just in order to build the foundational platform. As a matter of pragmatism have you considered connecting used oil drums for buoyancy or placing tons of plastic waste in very large net, then overlaying it with whatever the local invasive weed is there to serve as a living interlocking network followed by the addition of layers of sand and soil for both water drainage and retention? Lowcost durable floating platforms have bave already been made this way.

Nice project !
Its not mycelial, but ave you heard about https://maison-monde.com/maisons-flottantes-en-irak-un-paradis-presque-perdu/ mudhif iraki floating house made from locally abondant canes ?

i saw mycelial “styrofoam” out of reishi floats, but i dont know how much time… ^^ and its lot of material, labor, energy expenses involved…

An other promising way is to use seacrete https://www.intechopen.com/books/electrolysis/marine-electrolysis-for-building-materials-and-environmental-restoration/ to “grow” air boxes or anything to be nice floating structures to build and grow on.
27 years old floating houses :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ts15BW-6hw&t=40s Tcheck this utube channel is very inspiring too

Have fun !