Clean meat project


Anybody here who has experience with clean meat production or who is interested in getting on board such a project in collaboration with GAIA, Flanders’ Food and a number of highly qualified and experienced companies in the traditional and novelty food industry?


Hello @heinrichshorst , welcome to the forum! Are you starting a research project in Flanders?

I had the honor to taste a piece of facon (fake bacon) in the wake of the Biofabricate conference last December in New York. It was made by a US based company though, Ecovative. They were just starting to get going on that research, previously working mainly on mycelium materials for building and packaging. Locally in Flanders I’m not aware of people working specifically on the topic (for now!) I do know many education/innovation/design people who would love to get involved in such a project :slight_smile:


Hi @winnieponcelet, thanks a lot for your message!

I am indeed setting up the first clean meat startup in Belgium :slight_smile:
With the help of Flanders’ Food, we’re going to try and get funds from the Flemish government.
Quite a few institutions are already on board, so things are looking good. Nevertheless, fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Perhaps we can organize a meetup with everybody who is interested, where I can present the project in detail?
I am still in the process of building the kick-off team, so the sooner we can meet the better!


Awesome project!
Very interested in your updates!


This week, from Thursday evening until Sunday morning, I will be in Belgium, so if anybody wants to meet up, let me know!


To attract interested people, we could together host a meetup in the local community bio lab here, ReaGent? :slight_smile:

Past events like one on aquaponics have attracted good amounts of people.


@winnieponcelet: Sounds good! We could organize it in the second half of May. Is this possible?