Co-creation Project Brussels

Hi all,

My name is Jan founder of Mountain Minimalist. We are a company looking to create products that are 100% biodegradable and leave no trace.

For a new product idea I’m looking for some mycelium-leather experts to challenge the status quo, so if you feel adressed or now some people interested in working together feel free to respond.

Ayee! No one we know out side of Mycoworks, Ecovative and its spin off companies has had much luck growing legit mycelium leather, (without Liquid cultures or glueing a thin fungal skin to fabric)
It is still in progress to mimic their patents

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Some folks based out of Canada and the US have had good success with making SCOBY leather from kombucha culture. I’m based out of Brussels, let me know if you’re interested in collaborating.

Hi Mackenzie,

Okay, thank you for your response! It saves me alot of time.

Hi tfkillian thanks for the response.

Do you think the SCOBY leather can hold up against extreme weather like wind, rain, freeze temperatures? And also what happen when it is washed with soap in a washing machine, you woundn’t have any experience with is?

Would you want to join in help figuring out how to grow mycelium leather?
All you need is a growth chamber with darkness, high humidity and temp, and a way of retaining the carbon dioxide the colonized trays give off,
And test out various strains and see which one grows the highest fluff above the substrates surface.