Colour experiments


During a color workshop a few weeks ago, we tried our hand at putting Janthinobacterium lividum on cloth. It became red, for some reason. And it didn’t grow very well either. The culture came straight out of the glyc stock, maybe that’s why the growth was stunted?

We soaked the cloth in Nutrient Broth:
Yeast extract 2.0g
Peptone 5.0g
NaCl 5.0g
Demi water up to 1000 mL


Hey Winnie,

so I found out that growing direct from glyc does indeed turn it red due to lack of oxygen, It should be grew out onto plates and then allowed to “oxygenate??” so the mircobio nerds in my lab tell me.

Otherwise it turns red/pink and doesnt really grow.

Hope that helps, Im mailing you a plate anyhow! - Nel