Coloured mycelium


I tried to colour mycelium using food coloring but that didn’t seem to work out very well. Does somebody of you guys know how to do so ? In a second attempt I tried to apply the coloring afterwards and not in the substrate iself and I also tried to color it by using a spray can but I might be looking for something natural besides graffiti :slight_smile: If anyone has any tips they are very welcome :slight_smile:

Little sidenote ! I got my first mycelium cake today without any complication. it’s so nicee !

This might inspire you:

ow nice I’m gonna check it out !! thank you !!

He doesn’t say how he did it though, does he?

The fibres on which it is grown are coloured, I think

Hey guys I’m testing coloring too :slight_smile:
Black colour: carbon pigment diluted in linseed oil (bio)
Yellow colour: turpentine (non-bio)

Colouring the fibres seems to work quite well. Although maybe it’s just because of a very chemical paint which the fungi can’t decompose? Maybe it’s possible to dye the fibres when pasteurizing using the juice of pre-boiled beetroot juice instead of water? Let me know if anybody is gonna test that.

@LynnJosephy did some experiments with beetroot recently. I think the gist was that it’s too acidic. Also the colour was not thermostable for some reason when in contact with hemp :unamused:

You get the yellow colour from using turpentine or are dissolving a yellow color in turperntine?

how does the linseed oil handle after coloring?? is it still sticky or the carbon compensates for that??

Hello ! I used coloured turpentine.
The linseed oil takes very long to dry but it’s not sticky after that. But I still have carbon in my finger when I touch it so it’s not the good potion !

so the carbon is on the surface mostly, linseed oil based colors you would need to treat them as an oil paint now?? so a final barnish layer might be necessary? (not an artist)

Turpentine is mostly pinene so maybe orange oil would have a similar effect, while being a bit less toxic

Hey! Just made a post on my experimentation with colours :wink:

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Hi Lennert. Is this experiment still available to view? The post is not accessible currently :slight_smile: would be great to see it! Thanks