Developing an art installation..


I have an idea for an art installation that I would like to develop further.

My inspiration comes from an old Atari console ping pong game, where you move the rectangles on either side of the screen up and down to play ping pong :

Further inspiration comes from the sci-fi movie 'Arrival", more precisely the shape of the large alien ships, hovering meters above ground. In the movie there were 12 of them and they communicated with each other. As Manou pointed out to me at the ReaGent lab, they look like ears or audio speakers:

It also made me think of infra-red security beams:

Now my idea is to make multiple pairs of “ping pong pallets” looking like the Arrival alien space ships and a “ping pong ball” for each pair of pallets and hang them from the ceiling (colouring for each pair and ball could be different), thus creating a sense of movement by hanging the ball in the middle of an imaginary line between the centre of the surface of both pallets…

I thought about making this real with mycelium objects, but what I am missing in the installation idea is a link to the material used. That is what I would like to develop further. All ideas are welcome, because as of now, another material to realise this would be seemingly just as good, and that is what I don’t like about my idea so far…

And then, when all is said, would anyone be up to make molds, grow and bake this together? Let me know if you would be up for it…

Cool idea and inspirations! Indeed there needs to be a link to the material, or you’ll be making it unnecessarily hard on yourself trying to grow it :wink:

The lines you posted are symmetrical, maybe they could be more organic. Like branching mycelium networks? These also move, just slower.