Dramatic change

Hi, I am Ahmed. I graduated (BSc in science biochemistry) since more than a decade,I really consider changing my career (not into science) to biofabrication. Can this dream come true. Or it’s unachievable. I want your advice how to do it? Is it a good idea or not?
Thanks in advance

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Hey @Mr.ezzov ! Welcome to the forum. It’s a rapidly growing field, so certainly not a bad idea to look into a career there. I don’t know if there’s many overarching organisations that could point you to a list of opportunities in the field. Participating in workshops and events on the topic would be a good start. Eg. there the Community Biosummit in Boston every year. And the Biofabricate conference in London in December (usually it’s in NY).

There’s also vacancies at the bigger companies sometimes. Mycoworks, Mogu, Ecovative, Bolt Threads, Modern Meadow, … They’re all looking for talent or will be at some point :slight_smile:

Following trainings on biofabrication to make sure you have a feeling for the technology and the industry is also not a bad idea.

Do you have any experience so far?

Hi thank you dear winnieponcelet for your reply. Unfortunately I have no experience in this field so I need advice where to study and how I can find training opportunities. And advice will be appreciated.