Eberswalde & Berlin joinging the movement

Hey there :slight_smile: I’m Malte Larsen, born in Kiel northern Germany. I studied “International Forest Ecosystem Management” in Eberswalde and started a biohacking lab here. It quickly became are a small but finde equipped University in Eberswalde close to Berlin with a Lab dedicated to fungal material research! Luckily we are supported by my University and looking forward to new laboratories soon!

Welcome here @MalteLarsen ! As a fellow biohackerspace initiator, I know how it’s like. Congratulations on having the space up and running and being supported in it :slight_smile:

What are you currently focussing on in the fungal material research?

Welcome @MalteLarsen! How are you?

Hej guys, sorry it’s been busy times lately…so much work. Well I’m struggeling with the University to formulate the legal papers for use the labs… they just take a loooot of time to figure out a legal way. But another milestone passed, I got the keys already :slight_smile: So many security doors etc… Well I’m focusing right now on a secret project of mine, I have some great results but I want to share them once I finished growing some more prototypes and testing them. So stay tuned :wink:
Next week we will have the big event in the television: http://www.greentec-awards.com/
I’m a bit excited already…

How is your work going on @Elise @winnieponcelet? Looking forward to hear from you, Kindly, Malte