Emma | Introduction, research & request :)

Hi y’all :slight_smile:

I am Emma, a bio-designer from Italy. In the last years, I have been involved in growing-design focusing particularly on microbial cellulose (MC) aka SCOBY for food and non-food applications.

I did my bachelor thesis project envisioning MC for food-packaging and disposable tableware with a systematic and locally-compatible production perspective. I was offered the opportunity to further work on this project funded by my University (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano). Therefore, I have been working on the interdisciplinary follow-up called InnoCell for 2 years and a half. During this time I collected experience about in-depth research, I made a state of the art concerning microbial cellulose, I gave academic lectures about bio-design and participated to conferences related to publications I co-wrote, I co-developed a bioreactor specialized in more effective MC production (will be soon open-source) and developed diverse scenarios with a strong (g)local perspective. So, this is my niche of expertise and I would love to discuss and share knowledge about it.

I am also very much interested in the potential of other microorganisms, fungi, algae, and hybrid cultures as major characters within (g)local contexts as catalyzers for innovative possibilities to face environmental and systemic challenges. Another key aspect for me is the incredible potential of these micro “co-workers” as generators of substances that can be used for food and non-food aims suggesting beneficial production models and processes for community empowerment around the globe. Therefore, this knowledge needs to become easily accessible.

So, I am super happy to join this community!

This year I have some free months in Spring-Summer so, I would be able to travel (if Covid allows it) and I would love to ask if you know about workshops, internships, collaborations, events, Summer programs, or open projects in that time (May-September) related to bio/growing design.

I wish y’all a “positive” beginning of the year and a fruitful follow-up
Hope make nice contacts with you :slight_smile: