Feeding Algae from organic waste?

Hey everyone,

coming year I will co–design and build a bioreactor for algae together with a maker–space community.
We would like to set up a test lab on different the potentials of algae for closing waste streams.
Now I am wondering I we could also produce our own nutrient to feed the algae by transforming for instance kitchen waste. I know that phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon are relevant, but what else do they require in terms of nutrition? I thought about using a wormbox. Since I am a designer and not a biologist I would like to raise a few questions:

– would a wormbox work?
– what is the optimized composition of nutrients are for / how much does it differ between different algae types? (we are working with fresh water)
– does anyone know some good literature on this topic?
– have any other idea how to solve this?

Would be super happy if anyone could help me with this. :slight_smile:
Best, Claude