Fiber Club - database for valorization of fiber rich biomass

Biomass can contribute to solving some pressing societal questions, like the dramatic decrease of biodiversity all over the world, the need for a different water and soil management for preventing CO2 emissions from peatlands and agricultural soil, and cleaner surface water.

Multivalue businesses from fiber rich biomass
The industry that strives for valorization of the biomass while valorizing as many parts of the plant as possible is relatively juvenile (in this century). BlueCity Lab organizes together with her partners four meetups in 2021 about four fiber rich organisms: hemp, flax, cattail and reed. In these Fiber Clubs, we look at the whole plant and focus on the fiber rich biomass that is not suitable for food or feedstock. The optimization of the use of materials and matter from the plants next to extracting fibers is our aim.

To stimulate knowledge sharing, we would like to create a database of knowledge around valorization of these plants. We will drop them here so you can also add to the database and harvest from the knowledge from the community around the Fiber Clubs.
You are of course warmly welcome to join in as well.

Check here the Google Drive Map with existing literature and list of usable examples.