First results wit my kombucha


I first started with a piece of leather i got from my cheacher, it was a very old piece so I couldn’t make it wet again.
I tried to stich and make connections with heat and connections you can make also with paper.

After this I started with my own grow.
1 grow worked (almost) perfect, 2 grows don’t really react as much as it should be.

Good grow:

Bad grow:

After this I wanted to see what temperature does with the dried piece of leather. I tried to make it as cold as possible but this didn’t had any result. I trided to heat it up but this just made the leather ugly.

I wanted to learn about making my own glue, I made a glue with maizena and one with flour.
The one with maizena is like a ‘pritt stick’.
The one with flour is more like a kids glue.