First results


Hi there, it’s been a while

During the vacation (18/04) i finally started drying my kombucha leather and doing my first experiments.

The first batch of tea i made i put in Aluminium boxes(12/03), those should have been harvested a bit sooner because al the tea was out of the boxes. The kombucha leather had started drying and somehow it was sticking to the side of the aluminium box and ripping it appart.

I washed those first pieces of kombucha and did some tests with them
I stuck some paper in between, dried it on cork, baked it at a 100°C for half an hour and stuck some layers on each other to create a thicker piece.
-The baked pieces have some overdried spots on them wich give a nice effect.
-The paper got nicely surounded by kombucha leather and gives color differences in the piece.
-The pieces i put on each other seem to stay together but that might be because the leather is still quite sticky

The second batch of tea (19/03) was still wet when i harvested it. Those pieces were nice and thick (around 2 cm). With these pieces i did more experiments.

-Dried it on top of different kinds of paper
-Dried it on textured wooden plate

-Dried it while being pressed on wood with elastics

-Dried it with a car logo pressed in it

-Dried it by baking it in the oven for 3 hours (50°C)

-Pressed in texture laser cutted holes

-Pressed in texture chicken wire

The last 2 curled while drying but stil geve the coolest effect

I’ll continue working on pressing textures in to the kombucha leather, so i made new batches.