Free MOOC on the origins of life at Santa Fe Institute


I am a MOOC enthusiast, and specifically a fan of Complexity Explorer, the Santa Fe Institute’s MOOC platform. First, guys, this is the Santa Fe Institute we are talking about, to complex systems fanboys like me it’s a revered place. And their MOOC platform feels more homey and weird (in a good sense) than dreadnoughts like Coursera.

They are rolling out a new course on the origins of life in a complex systems perspective. They have the lineage, because at Santa Fe Stewart Kauffman did his groundbreaking work on autocatalytic sets. It starts on the 14th of June. I enrolled already. If you are, too, we can make a study group, I would be honored. The link below takes you directly to the course description.


For sure, I’m in! :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting to me as well! I just have to see if I have time for it, but their courses in general look like something to keep an eye on.