BioFab Trajectory

Hey BioFab Forum community!

I’m Ravi from I’m opening this topic to have discussions about the experiments performed during the learning trajectory. The idea is not only having posts from the participants, but to introduce them to the community. So feel free to interact here as you wish :slight_smile: is a unique online learning trajectory in the intersection of biofabrication, biomimicry, art and design. It’s the best way to connect with scientists, artists and designers to grow a better future together. On the menu of the trajectory, you’ll have diverse online modules in which you can experiment with hands-on biofabrication, kickstart your own bio-inspired project and learn about bio-inspired design, biomaterials and circular economy.

Learn more about how to partner up with biology to grow your next design/art project in the

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Does help people grow mycelium foam :3

Tricky one Mackenzie! We know quite some about the process, but still don’t have ways to actually do it =/

What do you know?!

Not knowing how to do it is harder than not having the means of doing it