Greetings from the Ruhrpott


Hey Folks,
I’m Julia from the nice industrial city Duisburg in the Ruhrarea in Germany. I’m working at a Fablab called Dezentrale-Dortmund, having a small job at the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT and just starting a small Biodesign Studio together with a friend. Biodesign is my main Topic since nearly 5 years now. I wrote my thesis about the growing biodesignmovement and how to support it. At the Moment I’m in mycelium materials, but I started years ago with Kombucha. In our fablab we also work with pigmentbacteria and slimemold.

During my thesis, I build some DIY-devices and wrote instructions about it. At the Moment, it’s all in german, but it will be translated during the next month. My plan is to put it online on my Webpage and If you’re interested in the instructions or my thesis in german, just tell me and I will send you :slight_smile:

I’m curious about all your work and how we can get connected with each other to start great projects.

Best wishes


Hey Julia! We met in person already, but a warm welcome online to the forum as well :slight_smile:

Glimps is a biodesign studio where I work and within mycelium materials I’m now focussing more on education/consulting to get other people and companies working with the material or even going into production.

Can you tell a bit more about your work with mycelium materials? Someone so experienced like you must be doing interesting things with it!


What DIY devices, I am interested. I am also curious about your work with Kombuca, mycelium and pigmentbacteria. Would you tell us more?