Growing materials at home: Hard Mycelium Materials Manual


The best kinds that I know of are Ganoderma, Trametes and Pleurotus. Not sure there’s a thread yet making a structured comparison between the species. Some people on the forum are working on synthesizing this knowledge in other publications though, like @Elise


The species with the best results to my knowledge is Trametes Versicolor (M9912).


Thank you for this great tutorial! I’ve been on the hunt for such clarity! :pray:


Thanks @Tnt1 and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Are you working on something mycomaterial related?


Thanks great to be a part of this. I tried growing mycelium a few years back. Grew it but was struggling to bind it into a material so I will try this recipe. My facilities weren’t very sterile which probably didn’t help and don’t think I had a good strain. I’m working on various bio material experiments at the moment which you can see @ecotribolife on Instagram. I intend to get back into trying mycology. Best wishes


Hi !! It is possible to make this with mussel shells ? In my área this shells are a big issue for the mussel companies.


HI @Nacho! Welcome to the forum. Great minds think alike: @Leen has done research into mycelium and mussel shells. You can read about it in her thread here :slight_smile: