Heatpressing mycelium composites

Hi everyone,

Does someone have experience with (heat)pressing mycelium materials?

At my university (Avans University of Applied Sciences) we are setting up a research project with the aim to investigate pressing of mycelium into board-like materials and testing its properties. I am looking for some initial values in terms of pressure, temperature and pressing time to start with and interate further on those.

Please let me know if you have some experience in pressing mycelium, so we could build further on previous experiments and also share the outcome again.

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Ellen Comhaire
just posted something that included heat pressing, but it was for making acoustic panels


Also Elise Elsacker does heat pressing, try pinging her, good luck!

Hi Mackenzie,

Thank you for your responses :slight_smile: I know the amazing thesis of Ellen Comhaire, she indeed has some information on heat pressing. I will contact Elise!