Hello everyone, I'm Jet

Hi folks, I’m Jet based in Scotland. I’ve become quite obsessed with growing mushrooms, brewing kombucha and cultivating spirulina over the past year and I’ve been experimenting with using scoby as a leather, spirulina as a dye and next step I’m going to be using my background in prop making to see where myco materials can take me.

My dream would be to find a project that utilises all three in some form, I’m certain I can dye the scoby leather at least! I’m really interested on the potentional relationships between materials and using permaculture philosophy in design.

The good thing about my interest in growing mushrooms to fruiting stage is that I already have the skills to get started with mycelium forms and my imagination has already run wild with the thought of biofabricated objects that can be rehydrate and replenished with fresh substrate and spawn to act as a vessel for mushroom growth!

More thinking to be done, thanks for having me!

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How has your progress been?

I’ve mostly just continued with the mushrooms growing and some experimentation with myco leather but nothing too fruitful yet!