Hello from Shaqour

I am Shaqour, a PhD student at the University of Antwerp and I am based at Voxdale which is an engineering and design company.

I am part of the PRINT-AID project funded by the MSCA and my part is to adapt a 3D printer in order to print medical devices that prohibit Biofilm related infection.

My background is in Mechatronics Engineering and 3D printing. I am interested in joining this forum since I want to gain more knowledge about Material Sciences and Biofabrication.

I also would love to share my experience in 3D printing.

Thanks :smiley:

Hi Shaqour! Welcome to the BioFab Community :slight_smile:

@Elise is also working on 3D-printing, with mycelium specifically.

In your case, are you using nanostructures to get the anti biofilm activity? Similar to the sharkskin surfaces.

Thanks for your reply @winnieponcelet
This seems very interesting. I will check it our.
However, my colleagues are working on selecting antimicrobial agents. And for me I am working on developing and modifying the 3D printer. The material will be coated or incorporated with antimicrobial agents.