Hello, I am Arno.

Hello, my name is Arno. I’m a student industrial product design @ Howest, Kortrijk. This semester there’s an experimental course and I chose Grow it yourself. Therefore we need to experiment with bio materials. In the first workshop at school we learned how to grow Kombucha leather. So that’s what I’m doing now at home. In my spare time I like to paint and I’m curious how the material would react with different types of pigmentation and ways to color a material. I’m curious if I could use the Kombucha as a canvas. Also I find the material Mycelium interesting so I’m going to try and grow it. Not so sure what I’m going to do with the Mycelium so far but i think I’m going to try to become different shapes. After seeing whitch shapes I can become, maybe I can realize a product. The product will probably be a interior designed product.

Hi! Welcome to the forum. Did you know it’s also possible to use some type of bacteria as a pigment?

It might be interesting to try out the combination of kombucha and those special bacteria.

@winnieponcelet once did an experiment with it. What was the name of this bacteria, and do you still have it at ReaGent?

It was Janthinobacterium lividum! We still have it, you can come by and work with it if you like @Arno-Weymaere

Using bacteria as a pigment sounds very interesting!! I will definitely look in to it. Thank you @Elise
@winnieponcelet Where would that workshop be ?

The lab is at http://reagentlab.org/agenda/
You can check the agenda to see when it is open

Ok, thank you! @Elise

More info on JL :slight_smile: http://biohackacademy.github.io/biofactory/annex/culture-collection/janthinobacterium-lividum/

@winnieponcelet , voor het maker van de Nutrient Agar, waarmee ik de sporen zal maken met de bacterie JL. Ik heb de Agar besteld online en ga hetzelfde doen voor het NaCl. Ik vind juist niet echt waar ik de ‘peptone’ kan verkrijgen. Heb jij toevallig een idee? Alvast bedankt!

Je zou best gewoon wat pepton gebruiken uit het labo en een donatie doen, want een volledige pot kopen zal duur uitvallen :slight_smile:

Oke zal het op die manier doen! :slight_smile: bedankt!