Hello, I'm Vanessa and looking for Open Bio-Labs

Hello everyone,

I am a Communication Design Student creating a BioDesign platform as a responsive website/app for my Bachelorthesis.

The purpose is to give Design students an introduction into the world of Biodesign and BioFab (especially at my school in Germany, where BioDesign projects are very rare).

It will consist of the sections: Inspiration, Resources and Community and provides the users with recent BioDesign Projects, Manuals for Biomaterials and places to go, if you want to experiment.

During my research I came across this wonderful website which gives already so much resources for BioFab-Projects.

I think its very admirable that you share all of this resources and have such an open communication.

I will also put a few of the manuals that I found in this forum and hopefully later share the prototype with you.

One more question: can you name some Open Biolabs?

Because I want to create a world map where labs are located. I’ve already found a few, most of them are in the Netherlands.

That would help me a lot!

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