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Hello as an architect I am very interested in the possibilities of bio materials. I strongly believe bio-based materials are becoming more and more important. Therefore in our projects we try to use them as much as possible. Lately I saw a very nice picture of mushroom tiles on a website. (https://www.mogu.bio) Unfortunately the tiles were not available yet. After doing some more research I arrived here and hopefully it will be possible to have a wall covered in mushroom tiles.

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Mogu’s tiles are beautiful. I love the picture they have on their homepage.

You’ve got two options…

  1. If you want to just exchange money for tiles, Ecovative sells wall tiles made with mycelium.
  2. If you want to be a little adventurous :wink: you could try growing the tiles yourself!


Hi @OOiXX, welcome :slight_smile: The Mogu tiles look nice indeed, a bit like marble in one picture. I’ve made quite some prototypes myself, but have never really gotten that look.

Growing is fun but can be a steep learning curve. You can indeed also buy the tiles as @shane_at_GROW.bio mentions. My least favourite option though, since the tech has a way to go and more people experimenting is what we need!

You mention that you do projects with biomaterials in your architect practice. Do you have some examples? :slight_smile:


Spore prints really appeal to me too:

Herzog & de Meuron Ricola building:

It’s like an extension of art nouveau :slight_smile:

What do you want to take into account into your estimation? Also the harvesting of the fibres, treatment of the fibres, sterilisation and other preparation? The growing time is between 5 to 25 days, it can go to 40 days. Choosing the proper growth time depends on a lot of factors, not only the environmental conditions, but also the desired properties of the application (thermal conductivity, water repellence, compressive strength, flexural strength).

With what type of fibre do you want to work? Calculate the desired density, so the fibre mixed with water (the amount is about 300%H2O of the dry weight of the fibre, depending on the fibre-type and size), and you’ll know how much you need. It depends how much you want to compress the panels, depending on the application. Is it for acoustic isolation or aesthetics?

These are some of my prototypes. I echo @Elise’s answers to your questions :slight_smile:


Small panel 20cmx20cm


Mogu tiles are available through their site