Hi! I'm Jamie


Hii! everybody!

My name is Jamie, last monday I started my internship and become a part of Glimps/Reagent. I arrived last sunday in Gent and I am very excited to start exploring and working here!
Im a dutch student from The hague studying Interactive media design at the Royal academy of arts. I will start my fourth and final year in september and will start on my bachelor thesis now.

Interactive media design is a terrible broad term, and can be a lot of different things together. For me it it became a way of designing, seeking for solutions with every medium in mind posible. Since a few years I started to combine design with nature, looking for similarities between human and natural systems, and experimented with organisms as building my own ant city and work with bioluminescent algae, here biohacking became my favorite medium. Lately I also worked on a project creating a skin look-a-like bag made with bioplastics. (you can read a publication here: https://creators.vice.com/nl/article/wjbgwb/we-spraken-de-studenten-die-futuristische-tassen-ontwierpen-voor-het-tassenmuseum) Last year I wrote a paper on design and biomimicry, on how we as humans have the resposibilty to look at nature and learn from it. (here is a nice explaining following the 10 principles of biomimicry (http://toolbox.biomimicry.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/NUPs-Examples-PDF.pdf)

I like to take this further into my future thesis, but possibly focusing more on biomimicry in architecture/furniture/graphic design (my biggest interests) I’m currently reading into animal build architecture like ant nests, and other super organisms where their nests becomes an external organ of the colony, build on communication and a result from the collective actions of many individuals, and how this organisms manage to create transportation highways, airflow and reuse everything they find on their way. I’m also looking into algae and fungus and hope to naturally come to something that I can work further on. As an extended part of my research and writing I like to try out some of the ideas/techniques I will find during research in the reagent lab, and try some of the very nice things I read about on this forum working with algae, fungi and bioplastics.

Of course I like to hear your thoughts and ideas about this topics, If you have any insights, tips please share, I like to write/talk to you about it. I will also update in the long term.

Sorry for the long story btw!:slight_smile:



Based on what I understand of your premise, you might want to give a look into Quorum sensing in bacteria

https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1369527414000290 (dense genetics are core part of the paper but the general premise should fit)

(check the references and reccomended reading section)


Yay for superorganisms! Looking forward to see your future work :slight_smile: Your placenta bag does intrigue me. But if I google it, the pictures I find are not about your project :stuck_out_tongue: