Hi there, I'm Pjotr


I am Pjotr Vandierendonck, Student product design at Howest.
We have a course called “Experimental vegan materials”, for this course i will experiment with making Kombucha leather.
I want to try growing things in between the layers and see how i can create textures. And see how thick i can grow my material.


Hi @PjotrVandierendonck, welcome! I see kombucha is quite popular among students. That’s good news, because then a lot of research can be done :wink: Do you already have specific kinds of tests in mind?


Maybe by adding hormons, like for cows to grow more muscles? You’ll need to figure out what kind of triggers it needs to grow really thick.
Or maybe by adding water or air inside of it, like with cheap supermarket chicken and meat?

It could become a funny parody of current industrial processes, but with “vegan” products :wink:


Thats a cool idea! I’ll do some research to see if i can do anything like that.
For the moment i wanted to grow thick vegan leather and see wich kind of finishes i could give it. For example tattoo it, or stamp it like they do with real leather.

Thanks for the input!


@loreDeBacker did some experiments with tattooing if I remember correctly. Looking around, I also found this amazing thread where she describes her own process in detail. It might be interesting to you :slight_smile:
Project 2, update 2: harvesting kombucha and coloring