Hi there!


Hi I’m gertjan, a design student at howest and for a course in school we have to experiment with natural materials. I’ve been interested in mycelium for quit a while so I want to explore the flexibility of mycelium trough different growing conditions and composites.

I will be using the technique Elise used to make flexible mycelium.
while also testing different composite materials and patterns like pineapple leafs, corn leafs, hemp, (as much fibrous materials as possible). the goal is to make a leatherlike material.

I’m starting to collect the necessary materials so more posts on my progress are coming soon!


Hi @Gertjan, welcome to the forum! Did you know you can tag people like @Elise

She has also made leatherlike material in the past, you can read more about it here:


Hi @winnieponcelet thanks for letting me know. I will try and follow @Elise’s guide for my experiments.