Hi y'all -Michelle


I’m Michelle, an industrial design engineering student @Ugent Campus Kortrijk.
For my internship I’ll work this summer at GLIMPS (Magma Nova). The goal is to keep working on the mycelium school kit that Ine Desmet made, and to make it available! (Very exciting and challenging)
So if you have any tips or ideas, they’re definitely welcome!

Next to that, I’m a huge potterhead, love dogs and netflix, and just like to hang out with friends.


Hey Michelle! A little birdy told me you already have experience working in education with mycelium materials. Maybe you can share with us some pictures / insights from that work? :slight_smile:


That is true, what a smart bird! :wink:

I’ve worked with mycelium for a school project. The main things I’ve learned are that teachers have clear opinions on what would or would not work, like it’s best to work in groups and to have a step by step approach, etc.
Also, a clay mold can give nice shapes ^^


Hi Michelle :slight_smile:
Nice did you try with plaster mold or home-made silicone by hasard ?




I haven’t, but they seem like fun materials to try!
Do you know if these materials work?


About plaster, ecovative suggested it but home-made silicone I don’t know :slight_smile: