How are "mango" & "apple" leather like made?

I am wondering if anyone knows how are mango and apple leather made/grown? Can you share the method/recipe?

The recovered skin, dried and then reduced to powder, is sent to a factory located in Florence, where it is coagulated with PU and coated on a cotton and polyester base.

No animal, no plastic

I know the guys from Fruitleather don’t add PU in their leather - it is a fermentation process using the yeast in leftover mangoes.

Also check out Biophilica located in London. We’ll be launching an interesting leather material with them this summer made from tomatowaste (oh yes: tomatoleather!)


Thank Nienke for your reply. I guess fruits pulp are an excellent binder when they are smashed. Cellulose maybe. How would you compare mangoes’ leather to bacterial cellulose? Heavier, stronger? Does yeast feed on the sugar in the fruit? I read they use PU & a polyester base. Make-Grow lab said they use no plastics may be to produce the skin, but like fruit leather when the skin is used to make products PU and polyester must be added.
In Egypt, we have sometimes an excess in production other times tomatoes are very rare and very expensive. Depending on the weather conditions. Excellent idea after trying to dry tomatoes for eating it later. I am looking forward to seeing how would your product look like. Inspiring!

Very cool Nienke! Very curious about the tomato leather!