How do I grow mushroom leather?

Its been 3 years since Mycowork’s amazing Scishow video was published, where is all the mushroom leather!
all there is is these lame ass companies milking the novelty right out of the technology, just look at this!

if its so ground breaking, amazing and sustainable, why not make actual functional stuff
not all this deisgner junk, and market it to the average person!

so I try to grow some of this mycelium leather my self, I dug into the scientific publications, went on Reddit for help, I even went on an emailing rampage!, to scientists I found on the publications (my emails must of looked like spam, because no one responded)

some of my attempts:
I tried just grinding up the fruiting block, and pressing and molding it

I only got a thin skin

than I latter learned I need ammonium chloride to increase mycelium density
and simpler carbohydrate substriaght so it grows less rigid?

all I want is to grow some mushroom leather, and make some shoes!
so I can impress the nerd hipster girls!\

please help a noob out!
I only need a few pointers, would the mycoworks patent be a good place to look? its kinda hard to understand.

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Damn i’m going to try reading all the publications, browsing these forums, looking at Mycoworks, and Boltthreads patents, and try to figure out what the helk Elise Elsacker is doing on her instagram,
than make a procedure, than once I do I am going to grow a sheet that looks way better than Philip Ross can do, and make a detailed instructional video on how to grow it, thats not a stupid novelty art peace like this video!

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Nice going! So as far as I know the leather is obtained by heat pressing mycelium fluff. Not containing substrate, that is.