How do I grow mushroom leather?

Its been 3 years since Mycowork’s amazing Scishow video was published, where is all the mushroom leather!
all there is is these lame ass companies milking the novelty right out of the technology, just look at this!

if its so ground breaking, amazing and sustainable, why not make actual functional stuff
not all this deisgner junk, and market it to the average person!

so I try to grow some of this mycelium leather my self, I dug into the scientific publications, went on Reddit for help, I even went on an emailing rampage!, to scientists I found on the publications (my emails must of looked like spam, because no one responded) edit one amazing person did!

some of my attempts:
I tried just grinding up the fruiting block, and pressing and molding it

I only got a thin skin

than I latter learned I need ammonium chloride to increase mycelium density
and simpler carbohydrate substriaght so it grows less rigid?

all I want is to grow some mushroom leather, and make some shoes!
so I can impress the nerd hipster girls!\

please help a noob out!
I only need a few pointers, would the mycoworks patent be a good place to look? its kinda hard to understand.


Damn i’m going to try reading all the publications, browsing these forums, looking at Mycoworks, and Boltthreads patents, and try to figure out what the helk Elise Elsacker is doing on her instagram,
than make a procedure, than once I do I am going to grow a sheet that looks way better than Philip Ross can do, and make a detailed instructional video on how to grow it, thats not a stupid novelty art peace like this video!

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Nice going! So as far as I know the leather is obtained by heat pressing mycelium fluff. Not containing substrate, that is.

Thank you! it seams like there are two methods
I see in the Mycowork’s video they have grow bags of reishi, meaning they press and mold it?,
whether it consumes the whole substraight, or they pull off the mycellium skin.
the other one, using Trametes is that they grow a fluffy foam in Liquid and use cellulose sheet to contain it? than heat press it.

I just bought some Trametes LC and am going to try that one out,
along with the orginal mycoworks method



Or it seems like they let the mushrooms grow than smash them down?

I think they mainly work with the upper part as shown in the figures. Other people I’ve seen doing it with LC had really meager results, just slime, smelly and crusty stuff. Haven’t tried any of it myself though… Curious to read if anyone else has experience.

I MS painted a plano mano!
I just assumed it would be hard to read just cause it was a patent,
I really like this method! Philip Ross is genius,
you can reuse the substrate to grow many sheets!

I got to figure out what fabric to use for the intermediate layer, I am thinking of synthetic nylon? because it is really smooth, fine, and not eatable by reishi,
I only got one reishi fruiting block, so I will try this out with a small crate, and if I get some leather!
I will than look into what I should do to cross link the chitosan to make it stronger for my future mushroom leather kicks.
I found a PDF that goes hand it hand with the patent on that part.
: D

Hey great work! I’m on a similar mission for mycelium leather. My first attempt was last year with a poorly planned, and overly nutrient rich broth with oyster mycelium. I ended up with a beautiful array of mold and gnats. This round I’m using a slightly more planned out method after stumbling upon this forum and a post by Elise Elsacker about growing on a liquid culture. Good luck and hope to see some leather soon!


I had the very same problem on one of my attempts, my substraight contained way to much carbohydrates when it should of been cellulose ligneous because that’s what Reishies specialized on,
it ended up blowing up with mold, that attempt was in vain to start with
because mushroom leather does actually come directly from colonizing the substraight(like ecovative styrofoam) making the sheet, but having a fabric stretched over the sub straight for which the hyphae will permiate and grow mushrooms which you can flatten / despeicalize into a sheet, than you can even reuse the substrate to grow multiple sheets of mushroom leather, one after another!.

a few other people wanted to work together on figuring out the details of growing mushroom leather
you should join our discord!

doing my first legit attempt, things are turning out pretty well! I got the hypaee through the intermediate layer!