How do we make mycelium structurally strong?

Hi, I m a student from India, working on furniture with mycelium. Have tried making few samples of mycelium but the structure seems to weak to with hold the weight of a person. Can something be added during the process of developing mycelium? Such that it becomes a strong all by itself ? kindly share the links or info regarding this.
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Hi! I dont have the answer to your question but I’m very interested in your project! Are you harvesting the mycelium in a lab or at home? I have been wanting to give it a go but I’m not sure how quickly it might get contaminated or if there are some ideal conditions for it to grow…
I’m also no expert but perhaps to improve its strength I would modify the percentages of substrate you are using, perhaps it needs more water added to the mixture or a substrate the mycelium will ‘eat’ better. Have you tried yeast extract?
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Here some people made furniture with mycelium, you can ask them

There are both advantages and disadvantages to mushroom materials when comparing them to one of the most commonly used construction materials, concrete. On its own, concrete maintains a compressive strength of 4000 psi to 10,000 psi. Comparatively, the mushroom bricks can only withstand 30 psi. Though it cannot support as much weight, it is also much lighter than concrete. The mushroom brick weighs 43 kg/m³, while concrete weighs about 2,400 kg/m³. Despite the brick’s lack of compressive strength, its low density makes it useful in areas that do not need as much support. For example, it can be used as insulation and support for interior walls.

Can we see your furniture? Can you post some photos? Thank you

hi! I m harvesting it at home right now, but will soon make a special wokspace for this. It does require sterilise environment and certain atmospheric conditions for its growth. Varies on the type of spawns species and substrate you using which largely defines your growth patterns. High humidity (80 % - 90 %) and low temperature (15 degree celcius- 25 degree celcius). No i have not tried yeast extract yet, does it act as a catalyst in it?

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hi, thanks for your refences and links, i have not made any furniture as of now, however have made samples of packaging units, lights etc. One stool is on experiment, will share it once its ready.

Yeast extract is good for fungi and might make them stronger as it helps them grow. Might help! Ah, I thought so about the environment… How do you manage to keep those conditions? Do you own an incubator?

my fully colonized sawdust ricehulls/hemp hurd slab was pretty strong.

yes i have my own incubator designed. A small one as of now.

thanks for you info, my blocks are not very strong it can be broken if you exert force.

few things i tried, but its all chipping off from sides.

are you using a strain that specializes on wood like reishis?

I m using , pleurotus oystretus.

Pleurotus is fast growing and easy to work with, but something like the slower-growing ganoderma lucidum or trametes versicolor makes sturdier networks.

Also it’s been found that if the carbon-sources in the substrate are less easily digestible (cellulose vs maltose), the mycelium grows slower but somewhat thicker.

Also see: Mechanical, physical and chemical characterisation of mycelium-based composites with different types of lignocellulosic substrates
and Advanced Materials From Fungal Mycelium: Fabrication and Tuning of Physical Properties.

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Oh yeah! I forgot the whole having a nitrogen source will increase mycellium density