How to create bioplastic recipe for certain characteristics

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I want to create a material with certain characteristics to grow a certain species of bacteria on in. I already know the characteristics that I need like the PH etc, Ideally I want to use a food waste as a polysaccharide. However, I don’t have any idea of where should I start or create a initial recipe
is there a good references to help me out ? or any advices ?

I would really appreciate your help!


Why not to look for what you can found aboundance around you to start?

For example near by, i can found a lot of grassclips from my neightboors (i tryed some experiments around : )
brewry left overs like malt
smashed apples in automn from appeljuice et cider makers…

Then look for processes already existing, or doing your own sandbox playing around with the material

The permaculture way of thinking about how to transform “wastes” into ressources is to find interesting uses proportionaly with the abundance already here.

I wish you funny times !