How to train mycelium to digest a specific substrate?


Hello fellow mad scientisits!

Can you share you experience on how I can go about training a mycelium strain to digest/grow on a specific substrate material?

Thanks and I look forward to discussing!


Hi @puregoldner,

Which strain en substrate are you working with?


Thanks for your reply!

I am working with spent grain.

Do you think there is an advantage to training mycelium to digest spent grain versus using untrained mycelium?


-> I don’t know. You should test this. I always use mycelium that is already “trained” to grow on the substrate I choose.

  • If you start with a species grown on agar that never grow on an other substrate, I’d inoculate a piece of mycelium+agar in a jar containing spent grain.
  • Let the jar with spent grain fully grow. Check the growth every day, and record the growth rate (time to fully colonise your substrate).
  • Now, inoculate a new jar with spent grain with the inoculum (3-5%w/w) from your first jar with spent grain. Record the growth rate again.
  • Redo this process until you notice a faster growth rate. Your mycelium will than be 'trained to grow on spent grain.