Icon to standardize bio fabricated materials - download & share!

Hello! In the spirit of Winnie’s attribution post, I wanted to continue the discussion about labeling something a “biomaterial” or “biofabricated”. This has been an overlooked issue that Cha has brought up and is compiling definitions on.

but GOOD NEWS: Polybion, a biofabrication company based in Mexico recently created a graphic “aimed to establish a gold standard, that identifies and certifies whenever a material and/or product is truly BIOFABRICATED. Meaning, it came out of one or more living cells grown under a controlled industrial environment."

Although this would be used for grown materials, I think there could also be one for DIY biomaterials. I know Cha working on some documents and I think this is another important area to consider and perhaps defining a stamp or icon to go hand in hand with attribution in some form.

Please download and share the icon!!

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Very cool and needed! But I’m confused with the tags at the bottom. Which CC license applies? And is the Polybion logo to be included? Because the Polybion logo and name are in itself trademarked, the picture looks like a patchwork of potentially conflicting IP law.